Eligibility for Mortgage Loans to Own a Property

What a mortgage loan actually is, a loan where assets (property) of the owner are used as collateral or hostage. The borrower or owner of the property signs an agreement with the lender (bank maybe) where the borrower gets the cash in advance then has to repay over the dedicated time limit as mentioned in the agreement until he repays the full amount back to the bank. People usually opt for such loan to buy house or property but don’t have enough money in hands to buy that property so they borrow money and also the property is used as a security itself by the bank. A timely bound period of repayment is settledbefore lending the money and some interest rate is chargeable over that period.

Eligibility Criterion

There is an eligibility criterion which must be fulfilled if you want to apply for a mortgage loan like income source details, income, Loan to Value Ratio, employment history, credit score. These factors are fully analyzed by the mortgage professionals for providing you loans which is best for you.

There are also predefined insurance terms and policies in case if the borrower fails to repay the mortgage amount. These policies will save the lender. A mortgage calculator with extra payment can be used to estimate the loan value and your eligibility. Since it is important to now the affordable amount to buy a property, you will be able to deduct your monthly payment for mortgage loan using the mortgage calculator with extra payment.

What is actually required to calculate your possible mortgage payment for a month are the price of your property or home, down payment you can pay, interest rate and percentage of down payment, Mortgage duration.

The mortgage calculator with extra payment is made available on It will check if you are eligible or not for the mortgage loan by calculating your monthly payable mortgage payments with inputs to be filled in that is home price, means the total cost of the property you are thinking to buy. The down payment is another input which will tell about the money you would pay partly of the total cost and rest of the payment will be made by mortgage for your home. A number of down payment requirements are there.

The time period in which you will be making payments of your mortgage loans is mortgage term. A long period means small monthly payments but more interest rate. The interest rate will be provided by the mortgage professional or the mortgage lenders and varies according to the provider. And at last with the inputs you have given, you will be shown your expected monthly payable amount depending upon the information or the input you provide